Hyper-Personalized Marathon Memories with Adidas

12:53 PM

At the Boston Marathon Adidas used the runners' performance data to create individual marathon videos for each runner, turning the event into a content creation engine.

Select World likes this because:

Together with its digital agency Grow, Adidas created an innovative approach to generate individual marathon footage for over 27,000 runners. Using seven cameras and a crew of 20 around the track to capture consistent footage of the entire event, the sportswear giant used the RFID chips the runners carry to pinpoint footage that corresponded with their checkpoint times.After the marathon, runners received an email with an access link to a shareable video documenting their achievement. In the two days following the event, 95% of the clips were viewed to completion.
Documenting and highlighting personal experiences within mass events encourages consumers to share branded content, helping brands to stay on social feeds. On top, Facebook's algorithm change – which now favors content shared by family and friends – makes hyper-personalized content like this especially precious, turning Adidas' effort of providing the runners with personal memories of the event into a huge success for the brand.

Found at: Stylus
Posted by: Marie Schreuder, Hamburg office

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