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In this week’s edition, Target sets its sights on the future of in-store digital beauty sampling, while Walmart continues attempts to expand beyond the affordable market. Fast fashion gets a little faster yet, the online market for fake fashion narrows the gap between authentic and bogus, and every brand in the world finds their way to cash in on the fairytale of the decade.


1 – The Fast & The Fabulous
Bad press notwithstanding, fast fashion continues to make headlines as brands and designers seek new ways to put affordable, on-trend styles in consumer hands. See how the soon-to-launch label, Choosy, plans to streamline the process even further.


2 – Target AR 
Hot on the heels of their campaign to bring a more inclusive range of makeup offerings to their in-store cosmetics departments, Target is now looking to embrace another aspect of the retail beauty experience that is poised to become more commonplace in the near future: augmented reality.


3 – Unbranded Luxury
When it comes to luxury, what's a label actually worth? The sale of knockoff luxury items is nothing new, but the joined efforts of NetEase and numerous manufacturers is taking the practice to a new level. Read about the rapid rise in the realm of e-commerce here.


4 – Aspirations of Grandeur
The gulf between Walmart and prestige is, arguably, unbridgeable, but that won't stop the massive chain from pursuing a higher-end consumer base. Their latest effort: a "members-only" personal shopping service, dubbed Jetblack, currently in beta in Manhattan.


5 – Here Comes The Brand
With viewers around the world tuning in this weekend for the Royal Wedding, countless brands are naturally leaping at the chance to join in the celebration with clever and timely advertising. See a roundup of some of the best work here.

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